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From Kirribilli to Middle Harbour, great coffee with views to match is only around the corner. 

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location, location

Our mission is to make casual harbourside dining accessible to everyone. Since opening the highly popular Bird & Bear Boathouse in 2011, we've spread our wings north to Kirribilli and Clontarf.  

come visit us...

You'll find us nestled atop the water in the picturesque Careening Cove, Kirribilli and the shimmering Sandy Bay, Clontarf...


the sandy bear


Located at the newly refurbished Clontarf Marina, The Sandy Bear brings our Bear family north. Perched atop the crystal clear waters of Sandy Bay, this might just be our prettiest spot yet. Situated on the path of the iconic Spit to Manly walk, it's also the perfect pit stop to refuel. 

the flying bear


The local’s favourite, The Flying Bear is situated on the wharf of the Sydney Flying Squadron in Kirribilli. Watch the daily comings & goings of a working waterfront, spectate as the historic 18-footers launch for race, or simply gaze out over the scenic Careening Cove.


our food philosophy

At Bird & Bear we like to keep it simple. Serving up cafe favourites created from fresh and seasonal produce, our menu is designed for everyday eating.